Internet Marketing Google Analytics- Assignment C

Google Analytics used to see data from HCOB Marketing website from Feb 20, 2013 to March 22, 2013.

Audience Overview

1. How many visits occurred during this period? 2,132

2. What was the average time spent on the site? 13:11

3. What are the percentages of returning visitors and new visitors? 53.57%  New Visitors 46.53% Returning Visitors

4. What percentage of visitors only viewed one page? 42.96%

Audience Demographics

5. What are the top 3 cities that visitors are coming from? Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Detroit

6. What are the top 3 languages that visitors speak? English-US, English, German Standard

Traffic Overview

7. What percentage of traffic comes from refferal? 9.52%

8. What percentage of traffic comes from the key phrase “Western Michigan University”? 23.89%

9. Of all search engine searches, what percentage of traffic comes from Google? 48.61%

10. How well would you say current campaigns doing? Why? The current campaign is doing well. There is no previous information to compare the current analytics to but the site is gaining consistant visitors who are looking for a specific question, and once they receive that information they leave the site.

11. From what URL are most visitors reffered to the marketing website?


12. Overall, has the number of unique visitors to the site increased or decreased? Decreased

a. Report the number of unique visits for the data range. 1,333

13. Look at the graph to see which day had the most visits. What is the date? March 12, 2013

Page Views

14. How many times was the Department of Marketing homepage viewed? 830

15. From which page did most visitors end their visit? /marketing/advertising.hmtl


16. What are the top 4 browsers that visitors used to visit the site? Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox

17. What percentage of returning visitors view only one page? 40.32%


Frito-Lay Social Media Strategy Critique

Frito-Lay’s Facebook Page

a. Frito-Lay does a great deal with their Facebook page to engage their audience. They are posting pictures, links, ballots with questions for customers to vote on, and fan pictures at least every other day. They have a list of all their products and links to their YouTube page for users to visit. They do a very good job at responding to all of their customers on their Facebook, not only just questions but to all comments. Some customers seem to be upset about recent GMO news and Frito-Lay has come up with a generic response to give those customers more information. They respond with unique responses to thank happy customers for sharing their “Frito-Lay Pride” as well.
b. They are meeting many consumer motivations by keeping in constant contact, creating campaigns and asking for votes, controlling the information that they give to their customers and making sure it is a generic and consistent message.Their Facebook page allows their customers to view all of their products, ask questions, vent issues, and ask for resolutions to problems. It also allows Frito-Lay to directly connect with their customers and directly market to those customers.
c. Frito-Lay can use their number of likes, visitors per day, clicks on their links, and comments to measure their success of their Facebook page.
d. To improve their Facebook page I would suggest that they post more recipes using their products and also promote a healthier lifestyle. This is a tough strategy since Frito-Lay is not usually connected with a healthy lifestyle. This is why it would be important for them to change their image. By promoting a healthier lifestyle while also enjoying their products would attract more customers. This would promote health conscious customers to their products and also promote their customers to live a healthier lifestyle. While promoting a healthier well being Frito-Lay will show support and concern for their customers and their impact on the population. They can use to help measure the success of the new healthy lifestyle campaign and track to see if they gain more likes and customers. They can use the analytic’s tab to measure their information from the start of the campaign and see if they gained more feedback, followers, visits, ect. This will help them analyze the campaign and its effectiveness.  I also would suggest that they update their cover photo. It is currently a cartoon winter scene with a man and a woman carrying Frito-Lay products like Pepsie, Tostitos, and Lays chips. The picture isn’t a bad picture but it is a little out of date. The scene shows them carrying a present and it being winter time with them bundled up making it seem like they are on their way to a holiday party. It seems outdated and should be updated with a spring photo. With how up to date they are on responding to customers you would imagine they would be more current with their pictures as well. The cover photo is the first thing someone see’s when visiting a Facebook page which makes it important to create a good first impression with your customers.

Comparing CRM Companies has quickly grown to be one of the world’s largest software companies. Of course, says its not a software company: all functionality is offered as an online service, payable through subscription instead of upfront license charges. started out as a CRM pure-player but is putting increasing emphasis on its ERP offerings, branded as cloud computing solutions.Website was organized and easy to navigate through.
User friendly: Yes
System Integration: Not for large scale
Customization: Doesn’t offer a lot of customization
Size: Moderate

An innovative young company that offers open source CRM software over the internet. Despite its youth, the company website mentions a lot of big enterprise customers already among its reported customer base of 50,000.
As SugarCRM is based on open source code, it is easy for customers to build extensions to the code, such as connectors to existing in-company systems.Website was easy to use.
User friendly: Yes
Integration: Easy
Customization: Moderate
Size: Small

Oracle (Siebel, Oracle CRM)
Large CRM company that has earned its well known name. Started by Oracle executive Tom Siebel, the company defined the CRM marketplace and became part of the hype in the dotcom era. Most large corporations have implemented Siebel in the past two decades. “If you want to get to know your customer, you must have Siebel”, was a boardroom statement in those days. After the hype was over and Siebel’s momentum sagged, Tom Siebel sold his company to his former boss, Larry Ellison.
Siebel is often said to be very extensive in functionality, laborious to implement, and comes at a premium price. I found the website to be very messy and overcrowded with information.
User friendly: Not as easy as other companies
Price: Expensive
Integration: Easy to integrate across entire corportation
Customization: Moderate
Size: Largest


After looking through SugarCRM, Salesforce, and Oracle I would choose to use Salesforce. Even thought salesforce is a little more expensive than SugarCRm I found it to be more helpful and provide better features. It automatically offered me someone to talk to if I had any questions and I found the website to be very easy to navigate which is huge for me. Salesforce is what I would purchase for my company and I would suggest it to others.